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Easy 1 gallon red grape wine recipe

This is our channels first video showing you how to make an easy 1 gallon of red grape wine with shop brought grape juice.

Ingredients and equipment:

1. Primary ferment bucket with lid (food grade plastic)
2. 1 Gallon Demijohn
3. 1 Airlock and bung to fit Demijohn
4. Length of siphoning hose
5. 1 Milton tablet in 5 litres of water or 5 crushed campden tablets in 1 pint

4 litres of not from concentrate red grape juice (any brand)
500 grams white sugar
400 ml water
Juice of 2 lemons or 2 tsp of citric acid
1 tsp of pectolase to help give a clear finished wine
1 tsp of yeast nutrient.
cup of strong black tea or tsp of wine tannin
1 tsp of yeast

Please make sure all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized

Music by Jeff Kaale

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