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How To Make Easy Homemade Wine ~ (Making Blackberry Wine)
If you’ve ever wanted to make wine but thought it was too complicated, then you need to watch THIS ! I’m going to show you how I made a batch of easy homemade wine… And… When I say easy… I mean EASY. I even give you a look at the fermentation process a few days later… man… it’s percolating !

There is no need for a hydrometer, carboy, fermenting chamber or air lock. Heck, I didn’t even need to buy yeast! The fruit has it’s own yeast in it naturally, and I’m just using it’s natural yeast to ferment. The ingredients are just simply fruit, sugar and water.

In this case, I’m making homemade Blackberry Wine, but I could have used this method to make apple, grape, pear, peach, strawberry, muscadine… probably just about any kind of fruit wine.

Now, to be sure, I’m not expecting any winemaking awards or Ernest and Julio to hire me any time soon, but it WILL amaze my friends and family.

So, check this out… but try this AT YOUR OWN RISK… some have said the bottles could explode !
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