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The quality secret of Massucco wines

This educational documentary tells the secret of how born, for over 150 years, the quality of wines Massucco in over 20 hectares of vineyards in 7 different types of grapes.
Phenology of the vineyards from the manual work to the mechanical ones, always with respect for nature and the environment, from winter pruning, tying the shoots, suckering, tying the shoots to harvest with selection of clusters that run strictly hand. Peeling, cutting weeds and the work in the cellar are performed mechanically with the latest machinery.
During the life cycle of the vineyard it is placed traps for counting and monitoring of insects and planted flowers border to increase the number of insects and help the natural balance.
After harvesting the grapes are immediately put in cold storage to cool so that does not begin fermentation.
After about 24 hours, the picking off and for white grapes to the separation of the skins and grape seeds from the must and left to ferment in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 18 degrees to end up after a few months depending on the type of grapes to bottling.
For the red grapes after the stripping it is left to ferment with the skins and seeds for the extraction of color and tannins. During fermentation runs replacement for oxygenate to help the yeast to complete fermentation. Subsequently, the first racking is performed where the peel is separated and grape seed (that will be sent to the distillery for the production of the Grappa) from the must wine and then stocked in concrete tanks or in big barrel or barriques for aging at the second of the types of wine. So they are produced over 20 wines and grappa.

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