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Ukrainian wheat vodka recipe

Wheat vodka, the recipe of home brew with wild yeast
Summer hard wheat(washed) – 3 kg
Sugar – 3 kg
Water – 15 l.

Cooking process:
First of all make a come-through
For 3 kg of wheat u need 3 l of water and 600 g of sugar, so u gotta make syrup and let it simmer down till room temperature. Pour wheat into the enamel or glass recipient (before it wash it from dust), pour in with warm syrup and leave it uncovered for about 5 days. When u notice carbonization, foaming and sour smell pour the come-through into the fermentation tank and pour in with syrup: 2,4 kg of sugar and 12 l of water. Pour out syrup into the fermentation tank.
Fermenting of the brew:.
Mount onto the fermentation tank the waterlock and leave it in dark room. It’s fermenting from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on the temperature. You must carefully observe the brew, because it can turn sour. You must taste it, shake and when carbonizing is over, the corn will go to the bottom of the fermentation tank. To the taste it will be dry – so it’s sign for distilling.
Distilling must be done in two stages: the first – quickly without extracting of foreshots and tails, and the second – slowly with extracting of fractions. You must extract foreshots orienting by the smell.
As a result I’ve got soft moonshine with off-corn and bread aroma.

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