Wine Hack: Make Any Wine Taste Better!

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Here’s a trick to make cheap vodka taste the best!

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Will it blend? Ever wondered how to make inexpensive wine taste “better” or get best tasting wine? Need some wine tasting tips? Want a better wine aerator?

This is an easy and tested trick to improve the taste of any bottle of wine. Don’t be scared by the brutality of a blender. Take your 2-buck-Chuck (Charles Shaw) or equivalent and give it a try. Be SURE to thoroughly clean out the blender of soap residue and city water.

Pour it back into the bottle or in a decanter. Enjoy better taste and saving money!

Wines are recommended to be aerated or decanted or to “breathe” so oxygen and air can mix with the flavors to make them more pronounced and “fresh” tasting after sitting in a bottle for years. This is simply a faster better way to do it.

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