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Blueberry Wine Recipe

Blueberry Wine recipe:
12-14 pounds of blueberries crushed or pureed in blender with small amount of water each time.
Mix 10 pounds of sugar to 2 gallons of boiling water…..poured into 5 gallon bucket, (sterilized with 1 tsp bleach and soapy water, rinsed well….) with blueberry slurry. Stir until sugar is dissolved.
Cool to room temperature…taste to see if you want more sugar or not…..the yeast can only use up so much sugar before it dies and the “leas” (dead yeast, settle to the bottom…..this is the :sludge you will discard after siphoning (racking).
Add: 1 tsp lemon juice. 25 drops of Pectin enzyme solution ,(or equivilant of powder enzyme) 1 pkg wine yeast, dissolved in 1 cup boiled and warmed water., 5 tsp yeast nutrient. Cover bucket with towel and let sit for 3 days. Press out liquid from blueberry sludge…Strain liquid into sterilized carboy, put airlock in place set aside.. …bubbling begins, after about 3 weeks, when bubbling slows , siphon off clear liquid into another sterilized carboy….. near bottom of carboy, stop siphoning and pour off remainder sludge into glass jars,( put in fridge so sludge can settle to bottom…..and you can drink this if you wish) Put airlock back into carboy….set aside ….when bubbling slows down , about three weeks, siphon off again into carboy, as before, removing sludge(taste again)…..replace airlock, place wine in a cooler darker place (basement) and leave for a couple weeks…..when bubbling has totally stopped, siphon CLEAR wine into sterilized bottles, cork… can drink it at this point but putting bottles will age it , kinda like spaghetti and meatballs on the second or third day….better flavor, blended more……

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