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Banana Wine Recipe – Easy Homemade Banana Wine

Banana Wine Recipe – Easy Homemade Banana Wine. Yes, you can make homemade banana wine, easily at home, with our recipe. You need very few ingredients really, and just a little time. Bananas are one of the sweetest fruits and take well to fermentation, so they make a great choice in homemade wine making.
As with any home brewing or wine making, follow known recipes before experimenting as you can waste materials and supplies if you don’t do things correctly. We’ve seen many people ask questions that were covered in the video, so… before you ask, we might answer that question for you while we make this banana wine!
Stay tuned for Part Two of how to make Banana Wine!
Some links to items used in the Video:
Everything’s Shiny Captain t-shirt: 
I’m Sorry I Don’t Take Orders t-shirt: 
2 gallon fermentation bucket with airlock:
3 lbs bananas 
Lalvin 71B yeast: 
2 oz golden raisins
 1 1/4 lb sugar 
1 lb brown sugar
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