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The art of making wines from Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Saperavi grapes | Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards

From its Qvevri shape label to its distinct taste, Zurab Kviriashvili’s wines are impossible to forget.

Growing up in soviet Georgia, with no easy access to transportation, Zurab used to walk 8 km uphill and back with his father to take care of the vineyards. Such hard work and commitment made him “think a lot about grapes and what it means to make traditional Georgian wine.”

Inspired by the past, Zurab acquired quality education outside of Georgia and returned to his hometown, Telavi, one of Georgia’s oldest wine regions. He continues traditional Georgian Qvevri winemaking just like his ancestors did, with an added sparkle of curiosity. “I’m always trying to find something new and provide something new to people,” says Zurab in our interview as he explains different approaches in making wines from Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, and Mtsvane grapes.

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Qvevri winemaking
1:15 The label of the Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards
3:14 Zurab Kviriashvili Rkatsiteli 2018
4:48 The story of Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards
6:58 Zurab Kviriashvili Mtsvane 2019
10:13 Zurab Kviriashvili Saperavi 2017
14:20 Future plans of the ZK winery.


Zurab Kviriashvili Saperavi 2017
Zurab Kviriashvili Saperavi 2017

Zurab Kviriashvili Rkatsiteli 2018
Zurab Kviriashvili Rkatsiteli 2018

Zurab Kviriashvili Mtsvane 2019
Zurab Kviriashvili Mtsvane 2019


Featuring winemaker – Zurab Kviriashvili
Interviewed by Daria Kholodilina, the co-author of Georgia: A Guide to the Cradle of Wine –


The most extensive collection of Georgian wines in Switzerland

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