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I have used this glass in this Video: RIEDEL Performance Cabernet Sauvignon
I have tasted the following wines in this Video:
2018 Fayolle Crozes Hermitage Le Pontaix
1975 Chateau Beychevelle St Julien Bordeaux

You guys have asked me to do a video on decanting wines so this is what I am going to do today. But instead of just explaining how it works I will show you how to do it. And on top of that, I am going to test whether I can smell the difference. It is widely accepted in the wine world that exposing the wine to oxygen changes the flavors of the same wine. Some wines benefit from some time in contact with oxygen while the majority of wines are ready to drink when they are being poured from the bottle. However, even the wines that benefit from exposure to oxygen will go bad after a certain period.
It might take hours, days, or sometimes even weeks for the wine to oxidize and turn into vinegar. There are four different ways to expose the wine to oxygen: Letting it breathe, Caraffing it, Decanting it. Letting the wine breathe generally refers to the act of opening the bottle and leaving it on the table for a few hours. My experience with this practice is that it does not have an impact on the wine. The surface area that interacts with the air is just too small for it to change the smell and taste of a wine.

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