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Top 5 Red Wine Grapes in the World. Wine characteristics of French and Italian grapes and blends!

The most popular red wine grapes in the world are originally from France and Italy so we will discuss the top French Grapes, the most important Italian grapes, and some other wine grapes from the rest of the world.
At the Free Online Wine Course, you will find 49 info cards with the wine characteristics of all 49 wine grapes and blends that we think you will find in your restaurant no matter what part of the world you are living or working in.

Free Wine Course Online

If you are interested to receive full F&B training and earn a Certificate, you can join our Free Waiter Training Course and try to take all the tests successfully! Once you have accomplished that, we will set up an interview for a final exam and if you pass the interview, you will receive a Waiter Certificate from The Waiter’s Academy:

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