Is ALDI WINE good? Master of Wine Tastes ALDI Wines.

Is Aldi Wine good? Master of Wine is putting his palate in harms way to find out.

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I have used this glass in this Video: RIEDEL Veritas Champagne
I have tasted the following wines in this Video:
Champagne Veuve Monsigny – 12.99 Euro
2020 Mario Collina Pinot Grigio delle Venezie – 2.19 Euro
2020 Kiwi Trail Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand – 4.49 Euro
2021 La Ferme Julien Rosé France – 4.99 Euro
2019 Martin Fischer Blaufränkisch Württemberg Germany – 4.49 Euro
2020 Francois Noblecour Bordeaux Supérieur Barrique France – 3.19 Euro
2020 African Rock Selection Shiraz Pinotage – 2.99 Euro
2018 CVNE Viña Real Crianza Rioja Spain – 6.99 Euro

I have visited one of the biggest wine retailers in the world to see whether the selection is any good. And yes, I am talking about Aldi here. Aldi is a brand that is used by two family-run chains. They operate discount supermarkets all around the world combining for an estimated turnover of 85 billion US$ and they are known for selling ok to good quality products at low prices.

The Aldi story started after the second world war in Germany, where the brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht took over the family’s Corner Store and turned it into the first Albrecht Diskont. Even back in the Corner Store, they sold wine from the barrel and wine continued to be an important category of their offering. Today Aldi is the biggest retailer for wine in Germany and they also sell a lot of wine all around the world.

Aldi is moving a lot of wine buy true to the German spirit they are moving mostly very cheap wine. The average price per bottle of wine in Germany is 2,34 EURO. There are no official numbers on what the average price of a bottle of wine at Aldi is in Germany but I am sure that it is even lower than that. Less than 2,34 Euro for Wine, Taxes, Bottle, Closure, Label, Karton. In the last decades, Aldi has tried to raise its wine game. It has seasonal offerings that can cost up to 20 Euros and they have invested in quality control.

Full disclosure: When I was a student, I worked for a company that assessed the quality of Aldi’s wines… what can I say – I was young and needed the money. These days have long passed and even if I rarely bought wine at Aldi as a student I don’t buy wine at Aldi today … Or rather have not bought any wine at Aldi for years until yesterday. I want to see whether I can find something interesting on Aldi’s shelves.

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