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Expensive vs Cheap Wine: Is There Really Any Difference?

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Numerous studies have been conducted to prove whether or not some of the most expensive wines taste better than their cheaper counterparts. So does price matter?

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Breathing, Pouring, Pairing and Other Interesting Wine Tricks:

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American Association Of Wine Economists:

“What qualifies as food fit for human consumption is culturally defined. In some cultures,grasshopper, snake, dog, and horse are on the menu. Elsewhere, these healthy protein sources provoke disgust.”

Expensive And Inexpensive Wines Taste The Same, Research Shows:

“Psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire) today revealed the results of The Taste Test – a large-scale experiment to discover whether expensive wines are good value for money.”

Montes: Music Makes Wine Reach Parts It Otherwise Couldn’t Reach:

Montes: music makes wine reach parts it otherwise couldn’t reach

“Wine producers could soon be recommending the Rolling Stones with Syrah and Mozart with Merlot after new research found a direct connection between music and the way wines taste.”

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