The 4 mistakes you should not make about wines ?⁠

Here I am again to talk about some common myths about the World of Wine:⁠

? “All wines improve with time” This is FALSE. There are wines designed to be drunk young and others that can evolve over time.⁠

? “Wine is drunk at room temperature” A room in Salta or in Tierra del Fuego? The wine is better always refreshed.⁠

? “The screw cap is for cheap wine” Completely FALSE. There are high-end wines with screw caps. This type of closure is used for young wines that do not require the action of oxygen to evolve.⁠

? “If it doesn’t have oak it’s not good wine”. I guess it comes from past times but there are definitely more and more wines without aging through oak barrels. In fact, almost no wines passed 100% through wood in Argentina.⁠

And you, what other myths do you know about the world of wine? Share it with the community here, I read you ?⁠

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