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Essential Guide to Syrah Wine | What you need to know!

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Today I want to tell you a little more about this grape called Syrah or Shiraz in Australia. We’ve come across it together a few times, as you had a Syrah wine from Italy, several from Australia, and some Syrah in red blend wines as part of your French wine selection. So, in a way, you actually already know more than you probably think about Syrah, you’ve tasted a few with us, and that’s because Syrah is a very significant quality wine grape variety around the world. So let’s have a look at where it comes from originally, what it tastes like, and what are the wines you can find and enjoy that are made from Syrah.

00:00 – Syrah Wine Intro
01:41 – Origin of the Syrah Grape
05:16 – Syrah Wine Flavors & Style(s)
07:23 – Syrah Around the World


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