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WINE TERMS You MUST Know When Describing Wine (Part 2)

We can find many different wine terms and descriptors, especially when reading wine magazines or hearing wine professionals talk. In this video I have compiled and explain some of the most popular terms used to describe wine, such as corked wine, balance, earthy, minerality, oxidized and many more, which will improve your wine vocabulary.

This is the second video I made in the “wine terminology” series, and make sure to watch my other video, where I explain how to describe more general elements of wine, such as acidity, alcohol, tannins, body, aroma and aftertaste. Watch it here – WINE TERMS: Describe Wine Like a PRO (Part 1):

I also mentioned in this video such wine fault as corked wine, and if you want to want to know more about different wine faults, watch video here – 6 Most Common Wine Faults (Reasons to Send Wine Back):

Copyright credit: Wine caricature featured in my video from Decanter magazine:

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